I am an associate senior lecturer at the Department of Computer Science at Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) and I am involved in the research project ViaTecH Synergy “Human-centered computing for novel visual and interactive applications”.

Previously, I worked as research fellow at the Visual Computing Lab at ISTI-CNR (Italian National Research Council) located in Pisa, Italy. I have also been a postdoctoral research fellow at the VIPS (Vision Image Processing and Sound) Lab at University of Verona, Italy.

My research interests are focused on visual and interactive computing, computer vision (3D reconstruction, pose estimation), and shape analysis.

Some Past Research Activities:

Shape Analysis:

3D Shape Descriptors: research on 3D models compact representations that have particular properties (e.g. reliability, invariance to translation, rotation and scale, noise resistance … ) and that can be used to compare 3D shapes in a database measuring similarity.

Skeletonization Methods: algorithms to extract a shape feature that represents the general form of a 2D/3D object.



Computer Vision:

Mobile 3D Metric Reconstruction: development of an algorithm for fast metric reconstruction on mobile devices using a combination of image and inertial acceleration data.

Camera Pose Estimation: 3D positioning and orientation of an image taken in an outdoor environment using image-based retrieval techniques and Structure From Motion data.
Semantic Image Segmentation: semantic segmentation of an image via label transfer from an already labeled image set, taking advantage of sparse 3D structure to infer the category of superpixel in the novel image.
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