I am research associate at VIPS lab , Department of Computer Science, University of Verona, Italy.
I collaborate with Prof. Andrea Giachetti at SHAPELAB, a part of VIPS lab that is dedicated to several aspects of shape analysis.
During my PhD I focused on image-based localization exploiting three dimensional data obtained by Structure from Motion algorithms and also on semantic image segmentation.

Research Interests:

  • Shape Analysis: 3D shape descriptors, skeletonization methods.
  • Computer Vision: image-based localization, semantic image segmentation, camera pose estimation.
  • Image Processing: super resolution of range images.


Recent News:

  • February ’14: Paper accepted at 3DOR14 (7th Eurographics Workshop on 3D Object Retrieval) : V. Garro and A. Giachetti: TreeSha: 3D shape retrieval with a tree graph representation based on the autodiffusion function topology.
  • August ’13: Paper accepted at VMV 2013: V. Garro and A. Giachetti. A tracking approach for the skeletonization of tubular parts of 3D shapes.
  • July ’13: Journal paper accepted V. Garro, C. Dal Mutto, P. Zanuttigh and G.M. Cortelazzo. Edge-Preserving Interpolation of Depth Data Exploiting Color Information, Annals of Telecommunications, Springer, 2013.


I love to travel and visit new places! Here you can find some pictures taken during my journeys:

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